Company overview

Company overview

Since its inception Cires Canada has been researching extensively to fulfil the shortage of Skilled and Semi – Skilled workers in Canada. Our main focus to recruit well trained and foreign workers with satisfactory level of experience from South and East Asian Countries.

Through these vast experiences, we believe that the right human resources are the only competitive edge that would lead organizations towards success; Our dedication is reflected in our industry expertise, market contacts and customer knowledge.

We strongly believe, to explore every avenue, every possibility to find high calibre people that will not only match your requirements, but also increase the value of your company. We believe that nurturing relationships create long lasting partnerships…

Cires recognizes the importance of diversity in today’s global marketplace. therefore, we have a strong commitment to diversity that includes working diligently to provide all clients a diverse, qualified state of candidates on every engagement. Under no circumstance will we tolerate or engage in discriminatory activity.

Mission Statement

At Cires our mission is to provide best of class professional staffing services with the highest degree of integrity, honesty and responsiveness. We represent our candidates and clients in a forthright manner and always strive to exceed expectations. Internally, we value consistency, service and attention to detail. The application of these values and the expertise of our professional staff are what make us the leader in our industry.

Through dedication and hard work, the core focus of our firm is to successfully provide our clients with unparalleled candidates. When it comes to making the proper career choice, the same commitment is given to all of our applicants.

Our company is based on Integrity; our integrity to our company client is that we are committed to do our best to recruit, screen and present the best candidates for your position.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Consulting WP office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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